How we became an award winning brand and what that means to us. Have your own question?

Why has LightSky Farms won over 36 High Times Awards and Trophies?

In short, all-natural terpene preservation. As our founder Shannon Walters was an award-winning winemaker, he transferred his knowledge of wine terpenes into our Distillate of Live Resin. While we can't give away all our secrets, here's a quick rundown. Our award-winning distillate of live resin is Michigan's original, single-source, single-strain, zero additive, all cannabis vape cartridge. We start with whole plant fresh frozen buds, kept at a temp of -40° until they're ready to be extracted into oil via our BHO extraction. While this fresh frozen live resin concentrate is extremely high quality, we go one step further, refining it via our unique distillation process. Think of it as shaping an uncut gem into a diamond. Our carts are filled with this distillate of live resin extract, which results in the smoothest, highest potency, vape cart experience possible.

What does legacy brand mean?

Founded in Traverse City by Shannon Walters in 2009, LightSky Farms has grown from a one-man show, with caregiver roots, into a diverse, dedicated team of over 70 employees. The homespun brand has moved from Shannon's barn in Traverse City, MI to an 85,000-square-foot facility in Burton, MI, with state-of-the-art flower rooms, processing labs, and packaging on-site. While we've grown in size, our focus has stayed the same, in that it all begins with a single plant. We use 100% original source material, and with zero additives, we pride ourselves on being Michigan's preeminent terpene cannasseurs.