Same Plant, New Experience

We use only select, fresh frozen flower to craft our award-winning, live resin concentrate. Our BHO extraction process, which filters out fats, waxes and lipids, allows for maximum terpene preservation with zero additives or artificial terpene profiles. One dab and you’ll immediately taste and experience why we’re unique.

High-Quality Cannabis Concentrates in Burton

Some of our popular flavors include Electric Peanut Butter Cookie, with a taste of earthy peanuts and orange/lemon citrus. Electric Lemon G has a bright lemon flavor profile, accented by grassy earth touches. We’re also in love with White Truffle, which, like its namesake, has a savory and earthy profile, with a slightly musky aroma. We offer sativa and indica strains based on your preferences or mood and always offer new, small batches for our customers to enjoy. If you’re new to concentrates, start small! You only need a small amount of product to dab, which means you get a great value with each purchase.

Cannabis Concentrates For Sale in greater Burton and surrounding areas

We’ve won LSF 36 High Times Cannabis Cup trophies and medals for our outstanding products, which is no wonder because we prioritize quality and source material to keep our customers coming back. LightSky Farms continues to serve greater Burton and surrounding areas with an excellent selection of award-winning cannabis products.