THC Vape Cartridges In greater Burton and surrounding areas

LightSky Farms has won over 36 High Times Cannabis Cup trophies and medals, with two awards in 2021 for our Distillate of Live Resin. As a revered legacy brand, we continue to wow critics and hold the distinction as one of Michigan’s most awarded brands.

What’s the Difference Between Fresh Frozen Live Resin and Distillate of Live Resin?

Fresh Frozen Live Resin: LightSky Farms is Michigan’s original, single-source, single-strain, zero additive, all cannabis vape cartridge. Our extraction starts with a single cannabis strain, with a bouquet that allows for the full spectrum of available cannabinoids and terpenes to entice the senses. We begin by hand-cutting whole plants which are grown on-site at our facility, then immediately flash freeze the cuts at -40° to ensure maximum freshness.

Next, it’s time to take this fresh frozen material and refine it into BHO (Butane Hash Oil). Since we use the best of the whole plant, this eliminates the need for any CRC (Color Remediation Column). While most facilities burn out terpenes and then add back in, our carts have ZERO additives, making our oil the purest you will find anywhere. With respiratory health in mind, our BHO extraction process filters out fats, waxes, and lipids, which can lead to respiratory distress. While this process yields less, it makes our carts the purest on the market.

Distillate of Live Resin: While our fresh frozen live resin concentrate is extremely high quality, we go one step further, refining it via our unique distillation process to create our award-winning distillate of live resin. Think of it as shaping an uncut gem into a diamond. Our carts are filled with this distillate of live resin extract, which results in the smoothest, highest potency, vape cart experience possible.

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Our cartridges come in a wide variety of strains and flavors for your enjoyment, no matter what mood you’re in. We use ceramic cartridges with quartz coils, which provide a temperature-controlled, more flavorful experience. Advanced quartz coils greatly reduce the chance of any e-liquid contact through the mouthpiece, as small pores within the ceramics prevent distillate and live resin from pooling around the coil. The coils also provide excellent temperature regulation. What ultimately matters is taste, and there is nothing in a ceramic quartz coil that will react or interfere with the flavor of your terpenes. It helps to prevent burning the oil and provides a smooth puff, with a huge flavor. No matter what strain you choose, it comes from our team of processors, who are passionate about quality and preserving original terpenes, with zero additives.