Find you new go-to.

We offer a wide variety of unique glass accessories, from bongs, rigs, and bowls, to chillums, vaporizers, and dab tools.

Most marijuana users have a go-to or special apparatus that they love to use when smoking marijuana, tobacco, or other herbs. Bongs and pipes come in many different sizes and are usually glass or ceramic, which makes them easy to clean. They include the bowl, which is where the flower is inserted, and the chamber where water is added. Inhaling through the mouthpiece while heating the marijuana causes percolation and marijuana smoke, which can then be inhaled and enjoyed.

Ceramic & Glass Cannabis Accessories

Our glass comes from custom, innovative designers that will add style points to your cannabis accessory collection. We offer cleaning products for your pieces, as everyone loves a hit from freshly-cleaned glass.

It's important to note that we only sell glass accessories and ceramic accessories because you should never smoke through a plastic apparatus. We offer top-quality products that are safe to use and will last over time, along with adding style points to your cannabis accessory collection. Be sure to always take care of your products, cleaning them regularly to avoid contaminants and keep your airways clean.

Your Source for High-Quality Cannabis Accessories

We pride ourselves in only offering the best products to our customers. We're passionate about the industry and come from a long line of caregivers. Feel free to ask us questions and learn more about our glass accessories and other products, or give us a call at 810-346-1601.