Shannon Walters


Our story begins in Traverse City, MI in 2009 with Shannon Walters, founder of LightSky Farms. A lifelong foodie and wine enthusiast, Walters studied under a classically-trained French chef, while managing over one hundred acres of grapes. As a winemaker, Walters honed what would serve to define the LightSky Brand, and win over 36 High Times Cannabis Cups trophies and medals: Preserving original source terpenes.

Built different.

The utmost care and attention to detail go into our flowers, which begin with strong and vibrant mother plants. Our mother plants are given a custom nutrient formula and are hand-watered with care by our dedicated propagation team. The clones are then carefully selected and given individual attention until they are fully rooted and ready for transplant. We use a unique bio-hydroponic system that starts with high purity water and minerals, blended with nature’s best organic bio-stimulants. The nutrient formulas are custom blended for each stage of growth and mixed in-house by our Chief Science Officer, Harley Smith.

This system of growing is called “spoon-feeding,” giving the plants exactly what they need when they need it. It helps our plants to reach their true genetic potential, by bringing out colors, aromas, and flavors that most growers rarely achieve. Plants are harvested at the peak of ripeness and dried at cool temperatures to preserve their terpene profiles. After being dried to perfection, the flower is attentively cured and hand-trimmed. From there it is packaged in recyclable cans and packed with nitrogen, to preserve integrity until you’re ready to enjoy.

cannabis plant

“LightSky Farms is one of those rare cannabis brands that has crossover appeal to both the original legacy market and the current regulated cannabis industry, in Michigan and across the country. I have many happy memories of nights spent with LightSky Farms products, as they are one of my very favorite legacy cannabis brands.”

– Rick Thompson, NORML of Michigan- Executive Director, Michigan Cannabis Industry Development Group- Owner, 5th Congressional District Representative- Cannabis Caucus of the Michigan Democratic Party