Light Sky Farms provides consulting for the setup of growing operations and lab extraction facilities. We have no products for sale.

We hope to establish Light Sky Farms as a leader in the advancement of the quality of cannabis cultivation and cannabinoid & CBD extraction for medical use.

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2015 Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup


LightSky Farms turned the 2015 Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup into our coming out party with four trophies! Click that link for all the details.

  • 2nd Place CBD Flower: CBDee’s #1B
  • 2nd Place CBD Concentrate 2nd Place: CBDee’s #1B “live plant”
  • 2nd Place Sativa Concentrate: Romulan Grenades “live plant”
  • 3rd Place CBD Edible: CBDee’s Carbonated Strawberry Lemonade

Highest Terpenes from MI Cannabis Cup

High Times has a report on the concentrates that tested the highest for terpene content HIGH TIMES 2015 Michigan Medical Cannabis Cup:

Some of the best cannabis extracts around give thanks to their rich and diverse terpene profile (Read: What Makes an OG Strain an OG?). Live resins were popular among the winners this cup, and scored pretty high in terpene content.

Terpenes can affect the consistency of an extract; shatters, waxes, saps and live resins differ mainly by their terpenoid profiles due to their different extraction and processing methods. Making live resin involves using fresh, frozen cannabis that hasn’t lost any terpenes to evaporation. CO2 extracts (which aren’t present in this list) can have higher than normal terpene content from re-enrichment (Read: What is CO2 Oil?).

CBDee’s #1B Live Plant Run by Pure West Compassion Club and LightSky Farms: 6.106 % terpenoids by mass.

See all the winners and the rest of the article at High Times and be sure to click those links in the above to learn all about terpenes.

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