Burton, MI

As it has always been at LightSky Farms, our process begins with a single plant. We use 100% original source material, which means all of our product comes from one harvest and one batch. We don’t decarb the same, so while most facilities burn out terpenes and then add back in, our carts have ZERO additives. That includes zero CRC (Color Remediation Column), making our carts as true to the original source as possible.



Recreational cannabis usage in Michigan began at the tail end of 2019 and since then it’s been steadily increasing in popularity. Recreational marijuana use is when you ingest cannabis for non-medicinal purposes, meaning just for fun! Whether you’re smoking, using edibles, tinctures, or vapes, you can enjoy different strains and flavors along with the high you get from marijuana during everyday activities.

Recreational Cannabis Provisioning Center Serving Greater Burton & Surrounding Areas

If you’re over the age of 21 in Grand Blanc, Burton, Flint, Fenton, Genesee, Atlas, Flushing, Holly, Clarkston, Howell, & Brighton, MI and have a valid government ID (like a passport or driver’s license), you’re eligible to purchase recreational marijuana, but to legally sell, you must be a licensed vendor. Part of this process is acquiring a license, having your plants and products approved for use, and being subject to an excise tax from the local government. However, Michigan law permits growing up to twelve marijuana plants for personal use and you can even give the excess away as long as it’s not for profit. These laws are making it easier to enjoy marijuana and slowly removing the stigma around its use.

For your recreational cannabis needs, stop by LightSky Farms!

At LightSky Farms, we’re passionate about recreational marijuana usage because it allows small businesses to thrive and offer top-quality products to customers. Of course, with more provisioning centers opening all the time, you can expect more competition that drives lower-quality products. We pride ourselves in only offering the best, which means 100% original source material and no additives. When you shop with us you’re only getting the best of small batches and locally sourced marijuana.