Need to Upgrade Your Smoking Experience?

Buy our pre-rolls in Burton, MI

As much as some people love rolling their own cannabis flowers into joints, you may not have the time or patience. But don't worry - LightSky Farms of Burton, MI has got you covered. Along with our normal pre-packed eighths, we also offer packs of three pre-rolls so you can skip to the good part.

Discover the benefits of pre-rolled cannabis

At LightSky Farms, we want to enhance and simplify your smoking experience. That's why we offer cannabis pre-rolls that are:

  • Budget friendly
  • Easy to smoke with no mess
  • Perfect for sharing with friends
  • Portable, so you can take them anywhere
Call us to speak with one of our budtenders about cannabis flowers today. We look forward to hearing how much you and your friends enjoy them.



From seed to smoke, all of our strains are handled with care by our dedicated and skilled team. We work with the industry's best breeders to bring you new and exciting strains, along with time-tested classics.

Made to be enjoyed, your way.

Many people enjoy rolling flower into a joint using regular rolling paper or a blunt using paper infused with tobacco. Of course, you can also smoke ground flower out of a pipe or a bong directly. Our flower can be purchased as a pre-packaged 4-gram 1/8ths or a-la-carte.

Top-Quality Cannabis Flower in greater Burton and surrounding areas

Our Process

Our process begins with strong and vibrant mother plants, which are given our custom nutrient formula and hand watered with care by our dedicated propagation team. The clones are then carefully selected and given individual attention until they are fully rooted and ready for transplant into our Vegetation Room. Think of this as the Teenage Years of our plants. Once they're ready, the young plants move to Cultivation, in one of our four Flower Rooms. After a life cycle of nine weeks, the buds are harvested at the peak of ripeness. After a curing process in our Post Harvest department, they are sealed in our nitrogen-sealed cans.

Variety and Nitrogen-Packed Cans

At our provisioning center, you can choose from pre-packaged mylar bags or pre-packaged nitrogen cans to transport our wide selection of strains, including Electric Peanut Butter Cookie, White Truffle, Ice Cream Cake and many others, all available to view on our flower menu. Through our pheno development, we're constantly experimenting and creating new strains in-house, that are exclusive to LightSky Farms.

Pre-packed Nitrogen Cans:
The moment our containers are filled with nitrogen, time stands still for the flower inside. This process allows for stable, maximum terpene fidelity of the cured flower. Cans provide the kind of freshness that clear plastic packaging and glass cannot guarantee. Our secret to canning cannabis is not just in the vacuum sealing itself, but in flushing out oxygen with nitrogen. For the best experience, keep your nitrogen-packed cans sealed until you're ready to enjoy.

Cannabis Flower Accessibility

Our LightSky Farms provisioning center is proud to service the surrounding areas of Grand Blanc, Burton, Flint, Fenton, Genesee, Atlas, Flushing, Holly, Clarkston, Howell, & Brighton, MI. Our product can also be found all across Michigan, available in fine provisioning centers including House of Dank, Puff, Joyology, Bazonzoes, Shango and many more!

Come visit or give us a call for more information on Flash Sales and special offerings, unique to our LightSky Farms provisioning center in Burton, MI.